Community Needs For Our Children

A Community in Need

There is significant community need in Cheektowaga. 2016 statistics show that 11% of the households in our community live under the poverty level.

Research shows that school-age children who are left unsupervised are more likely to engage in delinquent behaviors including larceny and alcohol/drug abuse. Cheektowaga School officials report that students who are involved in fewer after school activities are more likely to experience discipline and academic issues. Some children want to participate in activities at school but are unable to join due to overcapacity.

How the Boys & Girls Club Can Help

The Boys and Girls Club can help low income children overcome the barriers and statistics holding them back.

76% of Club kids get As and Bs, compared to 67% of all students.

Our kids are more likely to develop healthy habits and abstain from risky behaviors.

They learn life values such as integrity, making better life choices, and bringing positive change to their community.

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